Thursday, July 30, 2015


8. More. Days. It's finally here! After over 7 years I finally get to marry my cute Jr. High crush. :) It's been a long time comin'!
I'm Whitney and my soon-to-be husband is Chance. We are both from the middle of nowhere. I'm from Ferron, Utah and he's from Orangeville, Utah. People don't know what a "small town" is until they've been here. We used to be able to say our entire county doesn't even have one stoplight... Until last year. We now have ONE stoplight in the county. But you get the idea. We are from a small place where everyone knows everyone. So we were bound to meet some day. :)
Chance and I met in Jr. High....
I was in 8th grade and he was in 9th. I wish we had one of those cute how we met stories... But we don't. I had my eye on him long before he even knew. ;) I got his number from one of my friends and tried texting him, but turns out he didn't have texting! Like, come on. Who has a cell phone without texting?! At this point I thought all hope was lost... I couldn't possibly talk to him in person. That's just crazy talk. Then one night we were on the bus together coming home from a basketball game. He was talking to a bunch of friends and I was... Well, I was alone on a seat a row across from him, of course eavesdropping on his conversation! He then got really excited and I heard him talking about how he just got texting. Of course, I was ecstatic! Then I just had to figure out how to talk to him. I thought real hard and I came up with, "Hey I thought you didn't have texting?" and he said, "Well, now I do!" and I said, "Can I text you?" and his super romantic response was, "Not right now." OUCH. I had worked up the courage and been completely shut down. I waited three days (I didn't want to look desperate, now!) and I texted him. I'm not sure how, but soon we were "going out." It was that awkward Jr. High relationship where you don't even talk, but you're still boyfriend/girlfriend. I still have no idea how we made it out of that awkwardness...
Anyway, we dated all through the rest of Jr. High, high school, and then some of college.  Chance then decided to go on a mission after his first year of college. He was called to Jacksonville, Florida. :) I knew that he needed to go, but it was still really hard! Shortly after he left, I started my first year of college at SUU in Cedar City. I dated other people and had fun, but of course it wasn't the same. In October of that year President Monson changed the mission age for girls. I honestly wasn't sure if I wanted to go. I had never thought about a mission! I thought I'd just wait for Chance and live happily ever after. Well, I decided to go. Best decision EVER. I was called to Piura, Peru and left about a year after Chance. 
Chance got home about five months before me. He was going to college and dating other people and I didn't really want to expect much. I got home in December and I was definitely nervous to see him. What if things weren't the same? Or what if it was awkward? Or what if we had both changed too much? Then I saw him. And I ran across the parking lot like an idiot and hugged him. And it was perfect! No awkwardness at all and we just talked all night. We were together all Christmas break and it was like we had never been apart.
Chance then went back to college at Snow and I went back to SUU. We saw each other every few weeks and made the distance thing work. On April 3, 2015 (Chance can't remember that date to save his life.) we got engaged. FINALLY! I came home from work to find "Will You Marry Me?" spelled out on the floor in pictures of us. Then that cute boy came around the corner and of course I said YES. (After calling him a butthead for surprising me about ten times.) Chance then decided to go sell security systems all summer in Minnesota so I've passed my time planning our wedding and working too. :) It's been a long four month engagement, but only 8 MORE DAYS. Is this real life?? I can't wait to spend forever with him.
So... That's the past 7 years in a nutshell. Here's to the next 8 days... And then eternity! :)

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